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Original Article:

With more than 15,000 people a year coming to this blog just for Facebook contest apps, I went digging to find some been-there-done-that apps you can count on.  I’ve also had some very smart software developers post comments and email me about Facebook sweepstakes and contest apps they’re creating.

Hopefully this roundup will at least let you cut down your research time…


Top Tab Contest Application


Top Tab lets you easily create Facebook Fan Page contests where your fans submit entries and then invite their friends over to vote.

After chatting with its creator, Igor Reznitsky, here are some of the best benefits you can expect from a Top Tab contest:

  1. Growth by design: Unlike sweepstakes apps, which actually discourage entrants from sharing (because more entrants = less chance to win), the Top Tab contest app requires viral sharing since entrants win based on votes.
  2. Sharing options galore: Your entrants can easily share their entries with friends via email or by posting to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other social sites from inside the app.
  3. No spam policy: The app requires only basic permissions, asks entrants’ approval for every sharing action, and won’t email them any Top Tab marketing (unlike Wildfire, for example).
  4. Canvas Schmanvas!: The app lets you launch your contest directly on your Fan Pages, which is easier for you and maximizes interaction. No Canvas Pages needed.
  5. One contest, many Fan Pages: If you want to run your contest on several Fan Pages for any reason (maybe you own a small chain of shops or volunteer for a non-profit with regional chapters), you can for no extra charge.

    For example, this past winter the YMCA ran a photo contest across the 24 Fan Pages of state YMCAs.
  6. Flexible design: The app allows you to customize it’s look and feel with various options, including static images and custom HTML.
  7. Flat price per campaign: Some other contest apps cost $100s or even $1,000s based on how long your contest runs and how many fans you attract.

    That’s scary if you’re a small fry just starting to build your fan base (the whole point of contests).
  8. Multi-language interface: With more than half a billion people now on Facebook, this may come in handy.
Of course, I’m sure Top Tab has room for improvement. So, once you’re done with your contest, let everyone know what you think in the comments below.


Learn more about Top Tab


Social Prize


As I’ve written about before, sweepstakes require a crazy maze of Official Rules, coded in cryptic legalese to appease all 50 U.S. states and Canada. (The laws are all different!)

No wonder mostly big corporations run sweepstakes. That is, until now…

From your Official Rules to winner selection and prize fulfillment, Social prize does the hard work for you, leveling the playing field to let you compete with the big boys.

What’s more, it’s viral! Whether you’re running a Facebook contest to ramp up your fan base, or you want to conjure up a flash flood of targeted traffic to your own site, Social Prize has you covered.


Learn more about Social Prize


Older Facebook Contest Apps

facebook contest appWildfire is the only Facebook contest app company that Facebook itself has invested in, via its fbFund program.

That’s pretty impressive, as is its client roster, which includes Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Pepsi, Sony, AT & T and oodles of other big names.

Wildfire lets you create several different promotion types, including sweepstakes, user-generated contests, product giveaways, and even stuff like coupons, quizzes and trivia.

Some of them may not even seem directly relevant to contests on first glance.  Think again.  Each is a proven engagement tool, which can make it just the ticket to make your contest go viral if used creatively enough.

What I don’t like about Wildfire is there’s no way to just buy the darn thing for a one-time fee.  Instead, they charge for every campaign.  And even then it’s not a flat fee (although there is a flat base fee).  You’ve got to pay for every day your contest runs too.

It also says this on their Privacy page:

“Unless you opt for our white label campaign option or you are a Qualified Partner, Wildfire will co-own data that may include your name, email address, phone number and birth date. If we co-own your personal data all campaign entry forms will have a Wildfire mailing list Opt-In.”

Seriously?  You can be sure the White Label option is north of  the $250 + $4.99 per day Premium pricing, and  there are no posted criteria for becoming a Qualified Partner, so think twice before choosing Wildfire.


facebook contest app

Votigo’s client roster is also nothing to sneeze at, including Ford, Intel, Coca Cola, KFC, Kohl’s, Sunkist and Amtrak.  Not the sexiest names by any means, but these guys are billionaires.  They can use any contest platform they want.

Thankfully, it won’t cost you a fortune to use Votigo, since their pricing starts at $30 per week to use any of their Facebook Video Contest, Photo Contest or Sweepstakes apps.  They’ve also got a slew of supporting Promotions apps like Photo Gallery, Video Gallery and Coupons.


facebook contest appThis one is another Facebook contest platform, although Bulbstorm is focused on “idea challenges”: getting users to submit new ideas about how to do something.  You can see a live demo of it here.

It has a cool optional feature that requires users to Like your Fan Page on the first screen of the app.  I also like the built in video recorder that auto detects your webcam.

Very slick.  But again, I’m betting it’s not cheap.


Tested any other Facebook contest apps? Do share!

To Facebook contest profits,

Sunni Sukumar

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Hi Sunni,
Thanks for the mention. I just wanted to clarify that we actually create full Facebook Applications for Video, Photo, Essay contests, Sweepstakes, Quiz promotions, and Coupon codes, not the Widget example that you cited. The Widget CAN be used in Facebook, but is not the preferred method. See all of these great examples of our Facebook Contest Applications.

More information and details about the Application.

all the best,
President & Co-founder
Votigo, Inc.

Ahhh okay, that’s great clarity Jim.

I so appreciate you taking the time to stop by and offer that. No doubt it’ll help people make a more informed decision!


Hi Jim,

I hate to say this, but i just spoke to your team and they said getting the essay contest up and running would take few weeks and as the photo description has a limitation of 500 characters it doesn’t help for photo essay contests.


Are you aware of any photo essay contests app?


Hmmm nothing specifically for photo essay contests, but maybe one of the apps mentioned here (in the comments or elsewhere) would work. Is this for Facebook?

Yep. For Facebook. There are few but with some real strange limitations. Guess its a sales process to get people on to white label plans. Thanks :)

You’ve got me curious, Suraj…

What frustratingly strange limitations have you come across?

What would make your perfect app?

Maybe we can spark some more discussion among the other Facebook contest app users / developers here, and I’ll also see what I can find.


Try Top Tab App, it’s instant and you have 1000 chrs limitation. To look at contests others have running, click the “Contest Directory” link at the top right.

Have you checked out offerpop yet?


I just did some quick research and they seem to be the best one out there for smaller businesses. I would actually be really interested to know your thoughts.


Hi Sunni,

I totally agree with what you have said. I’ve searched hi and low for good quality facebook apps that small to medium sized businesses, organisations and non profits can realistically afford to use and the bottom line is, they hardly exist!

There are a couple of free options but then you miss out on many of the best options a business will need. There is very little out there for businesses that don’t have a $100k to $1million dollar ad spend. $200-$500 a month is not realistic for small businesses and even those prices are hard to find.

I am doing something about it though and our new social media company is in the process of developing a series of apps specifically to help small businesses drive traffic and customers to their fan pages in an affordable manner!

Our first app, a cutting edge new fan page builder will launch in around 4 weeks and that will be the app that will form the cornerstone of what we have planned for small businesses. From there we will release speciality apps designed to help businesses stand out from the crowd and get lots of new people to have a look at what they do.

It was great reading your blog post and seeing someone feeling exactly the same way i do about this segment of the social media industry. The little guy has been forgotten and most developers only want to focus on the top end of town who have no issue with handing over large sums of money for something they do not understand but know they need to get involved in.

It’s not a bad way to make money but I believe you can be just as successful, even more so, if you just help enough of the little people get what they want and need. They may not have the big dollars but they have real desire to grow their businesses and if we can help them do that where others have neglected them, then I have no doubt we will all succeed in the long run.

I’ll drop you a line as we get closer to releasing our apps and let you take them for a spin! ;)


Scott Linklater
Just Social

That sounds fantastic, Scott! It takes courage to follow your passion, and you’ve obviously got both. Rock on.

hi there

I am so glad i found this post! Thanks so much for researching this. I have been doing my research and have the same problem that i just cannot find something affordable for contest apps! Wildfire is still out of my price range. I live in South Africa so converting to dollars just makes it more pricey for me.

Scott I am waiting in anticipation for your app to come out!!

Hey Sarah,


While you’re waiting for Scott’s app to debut, have you checked out ContestBurner.com?

It’s broader than just Facebook, and I haven’t used it yet, but I did buy it and plan to test it out in the future.


Hey Sunni and Sarah,

Well I’ve had to rearrange the order of things a little as I had an opportunity fall in my lap…our main app is still full steam ahead and testing starts in 10 days but I have been able to get the rights to a great little coupon application that you can add to you fan page and offer discounts and deals to fans and customers.

If you have looked around, these apps range from $20 a month to $350 a month or more, it’s really quite crazy! It should only be a matter of a few days hopefully before we will be able to roll it out and it is much more reasonably priced than a lot of other options.

It is also possible to customise it (through the developer) at a reasonable cost so we will be looking to get some ideas on what people want version 2 and 3 etc to be like. Already the developers are trying to incorporate the clients name automatically so when they go to grab a coupon there name will already be on it….very cool and extremely good for building relationships with customers….really adds that personal touch!

That’s a little way off i think but we are making a start!

It’s a basic type app and not were i thought we would be starting but it ticked the main boxes in that it was effective, it has potential to drive more business to a fan page and its something the little businesses out there can easily afford!

Will keep you posted in the next few days! We’d probably be live now if it wasn’t for all the bugs FB are experiencing at the moment….and just like the bugs and viruses in real life, it’s hitting everyone including the big boys.

Interesting times but FB will sort it!

Have a great day!


Sunni, im checking out this contest burner…when are you going to get it up and running….lots of hype but that’s the industry…be interesting!


Lol good question, Scott. I originally bought ContestBurner for a social media product launch I was helping a friend with.

We didn’t end up using WordPress for the blog, and the ContestBurner “standalone version” installation didn’t work for some reason, so I didn’t end up using it. I’m sure there was just some small technical glitch to work out, if I had time to sort it.

But it still looks promising for whenever I use it in the future.

Just looking for a Facebook Contest App, and I am glad to have come across this site before spending too much time on research – of course, it would have been better if an affordable contest application was available, but oh well….

Yeah, was a bummer for me too when I wrote it. Daphne (below) just suggested Mediapop.co.

I don’t know anything about it, but check it out.

i was looking around for options and alternatives to wildfire (and found ur blog from a google search). found this singaporean company called mediapop, thru google ads. i was curious as to which other company would buy wildfire as a keyword on google ads.. haha. anyway. mediapop.co – worth a shot. loads cheaper compared to wildfire too.


Thanks for the suggestion! Let us know your experience with Mediapop if you do use it.

Great post because it provides alternatives to Wildfire. I was pumped about them at first, but after reading the fine print, that anyone of my prospects or customers signing up for my contest are automatically considered opt-in to THEIR email marketing list, that was a red flag. I can’t have another company continually emailing my customers/prospects even though it was MY BRAND they gave permission to. Not cool Wildfire.

Yikes Vicky, that’d be a dealbreaker for me too — and I’m sorry I never replied before to thank you for the head’s up.

Did you end up finding a Facebook contest app you liked?

I wanted to let you know that a project I’m working on, called Social Prize, launched last month to help SMB, Bloggers and the like, launch social sweepstakes, via facebook as well as on their website or with our hosted page. Social Prize handles all aspect of the sweepstakes, including the prize cost, fulfillment, entry via Facebook and Twitter, official rules, winner selection and affidavits, creative design and technical integration. We’d love to hear some of your feedback good and bad. Thank you in advance.

I make custom basic competition/coupon apps for small businesses.

They are very cheap and you can retain your own emails and enable any other options you choose.

I can also design and help spread your competition viraly for very low once off fees. Knowing how to do this is more important than the app.

You can really great results from these.

If anyone is interested just shoot me an email at [email protected]


I don’t understand why all of these apps are so expensive. The Wildfire service seems to be about the most reasonable, but a decent feature set for the 2nd option that runs about $115 a month, but the email marketing thing really bugs me.
Offerpop looked decent for the $50 cost for 501-2,500 users, but I’m already at about 1,500 fans, if I run a successful promotion I’m going to get past that 2,500 people fairly soon, then their pricing quadruples to $200 a month!

I’m just trying to promote my discussion forum which I hope to eventually make some money from by having sponsors and ads. There are no direct sales and no return on investment at this point, so I am searching for something reasonable that will allow me to run a contest. I could manage a $50/mo type of program, but jumping to $200 when we get to 2,500 users seems a bit crazy.

Hey Jamie,

Did you ever find a Facebook contest app you like?

If not, what would the perfect app need to have?

I know I’m asking late, so if you’re “over it,” then it’s all good.


Wow, a post from the last year and a discussion that never ends!
Let me add my 5c please:

The app was originally developed to launch a Facebook promo for a local financial service giant.

After the promos were over, we took the most successful features, added some new stuff (like Google+ sharing and +1′ing inside a Facebook page – neat, hah?) and here we go – luxury contest Facebook app made for a billion-dollar company running on your fan page just for a couple of bucks per contest. No subscription fee, no limitations, all yours at one click! :))

I’m building my own FB sweepstakes app. I hate the idea of anything but Wildfire’s White Label service and since it doesn’t take that much time really they’ve priced themselves over my value point.

It’s pretty simple what you have to do:
* Create an FB app that has a form in it.
* Make that form have a another FB app opt-in between the form and it’s thank-you page.
* That second FB app posts on the entrant’s friend’s walls re: the fact that entrant entered contest.
* Viral!

If you’re stuck drop me a line.

Sounds good. A few of the others on here are building Facebook contest apps they’re releasing soon, so stay tuned over the next month for a blog update with demo videos of those.

Hey everyone,

Make sure to check out the blog update featuring snazzy (and affordable!) new Facebook contest apps.

Thanks to Igor of Top Tab and Greg of Social Prize for being the first to debut their apps.

I would like to suggest http://www.blazonapp.com. I have tried the other solutions and this application brought in the most traffic and revenue at a fraction of the cost. Definitely a must have for a FB, video, or photo contest. Check out their live demo.

Looks interesting, but I don’t see any pricing on their site. I get concerned about software like that, since it’s often very pricey when costed out for a given project.

Hey Sunni,

Please check out SocialAppsHQ’s Photo Contest app –

It’s $29.99/month (unlimited fans and entries, no campaign cost – just a flat monthly fee). The $29.99/month plan also includes access to 22 other FB apps by SocialAppsHQ

If you do include us in your review, we will really appreciate it


Hey Sunny, thanks for the article. Maybe an interesting options would be, if you are a marketer or marketing agency and wish to offer photo contests to your own customers, to get our platform at http://www.rainbowcreatures.com (pricing included). We offer pretty reasonable pricing.

Another option we have is what you were missing with Wildfire – a downloadable contest app for unlimited personal use, for $197. This app is an older version of our current platform(but still maintained for Facebook API changes etc). Once you download and install you can launch contests on your fan pages, without paying fees per campaign launch/days etc. This assumes you have a server to host the PHP scripts on.

We’ve got satisfied business customers and our Instant contests running on our own platform 30K monthly users and growing (at :) So we can kind of test stuff before selling it as a package.
- Pavel

I’m sorry I messed up your name, Sunni!

No worries, Pavel. I messed it up the first time too. ;-)

Cool Pavel, thank you for posting!

I have been desperately searching for a photo contest app that uses photos *I* upload. I am a photographer and trying to do a photo contest of 2011′s clients. I have 141 photos(one from each session) and all I have gotten so far is apps that people upload to them themselves, or a snarky tech telling me that I ought to cut down on the entries as that is too many(thanks there bucko for your brilliance) I am a regular old photographer, not Coke or Pepsi. I just one one tiny little app. I don’t want to spend hundreds or even $100 on it.

Hey Julie,

I’m so sorry I didn’t reply to this.

Questions for you:
* What action do you want people to take on your photos?

* How do you want to determine the winner(s)?

* What other features have you been frustrated not to find?

* Which apps were closest to what you were looking for?

Let’s see what we can come up with for you.


Julie and Sunni, I work for a photographer who’s looking for the same thing. We looked at Woobox. They had a lot of the features we wanted (mandatory like option, sharable photo entries, mobile compatible, seemingly low rate), but it seems like their contests are fan-uploaded. Sunni, can you help us find a suitable app?

Hmm I’m not sure, Mw.

Cara replied today at the bottom (scroll a good length down). Her comment sounds like it might help you.

Hi Sunni- I am looking at Dojo Social Apps. They look interesting.

@cara – looks like a nice site, easy to use, but I didn’t see anywhere it provided any type of reporting or metrics to evaluate how effective your campaign is doing. Nor does it address the official rules.

Hi Again- Looking at Contest Apps is making me an old woman. You get so many varied opinions on what the current rules say about what you can and can’t do. I don’t want to do anything other than give some inexpensive prizes. Contest Tab by Social Apps HQ is $29.99/month (which I am not willing to pay) and it is part of a 5 app package. It Features include -
- Run viral photo contests
- Declare winners with most votes
- Allow participants to submit multiple entries
- Fully Customizable through CSS
- Real-time Analytic
- Ability to configure different behaviors for fans and non-fans
- Easily configurable viral widgets – Share button and Invite your friends.
But I thought that FB rules said that “There are only three Facebook functions you can use as conditions of a Facebook contest registration or entry, according to the site. These include: Liking a Page, Checking into a Place, Connecting to your App”.
I take that to mean you can’t create a contest on the site requiring people to post photos to your wall. Am I wrong in my interpretation?
I have found an app that sounds interesting by Code Rubik called Contest on Facebook.

@cara, i would check out social prize as right now we are looking for new sponsors and waiving all fees. it’s perfect for small prize giveaways. we have an active audience already engaged and very social. Social Prize site. – plus you’re get on of our social media experts assigned to your account at no extra fee.


At SocialAppsHQ – we have added Video contest and Essay contest app. We already have a very popular photo contest app.

Please go here and check –

We will love your feedback


Rajat, are they each separate apps?

I used Contests for Facebook by Code Rubic to create a contest for our magazine. They have a free version which is nice. I purchased their premium version which is only $69 for a year. I like everything about it so far. I can download the results to an excel file and collect everything i need. I can add graphics. I can post all the necessary FB rules to it myself. I found something call AppBistro that posts some interesting applications.

Interesting discussions! I’ve learned so much from reading your blog. Great follow-up, Sunni.

[...] una aplicación (apps) para el concurso en FACEBOOK :  Gestionar usuarios, los datos que genera el desarrollo del concurso, y las posibles [...]

Recently we ran a contest. We are a low budget business but wanted to run a contest to choose the next person to be on the cover of our magazine. We wanted to charge ppl to enter, which you can’t do on FB. I used 123ContactForm, an inexpensive company that allowed us to charge and accept uploads of pictures. You are allowed to pay them by the month and I think it cost $30. Then I used Offerpop to run the contest on our FB page. They charge by the number of fans you start out with. It only cost us $15 but we gained 3,000 fans.


I am trying to research any apps that will allow you to run both a video and photo contest at one time. All of the sites I have checked only allow you to choose one or the other. Can anyone recommend a source that will allow both video and photos to be used?

Thanks in advance

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